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Colour affects and reflects our emotions more than we tend to think. Playing with colour in cosmetic applications gives the consumer a daily blank canvas to create, and affirm, an image that is their own. The colours for the upcoming seasons evoke inclusivity, profound thought, aspiration, and celebration. They include ethereal and earthy tones to feel both grounded and uplifted simultaneously.

As the trends move to combine subtle and bold seamlessly, natural “no make-up” looks with subtle highlights, and bold pops of colour are adopted to accentuate features instead of cover-up them up. The traditional mascaras and eyeliners in black are encouraged to be replaced with more awe-inspiring tones and even metallic effects. One of the largest cosmetic producers globally, Chanel, has even launched a No Black Eye Campaign with earthy metal shades in eyeliners, mascara, and an eyeshadow palette truly making beauty in the eye of the beholder.

Eckart has interpreted these colour trends into three conceptual palettes: Havana Sounds, La Primavera, and Sakura. Take a look into the inspiration for each in this video and the descriptions below to discover what potential you have with the pigments Azelis Canada offers.

Havana Sounds

Encompassing the allure of hot summer days and music calling you to party into the evening. This trend pulls from vibrant Latin culture with soft tobacco tones, mixed with the blue and coral shades of colonial facades. Sparkling effects alternate with matte and silky surfaces, made possible through the SYNCRYSTAL pigment range.

Havana Nights

“Cuba Libre”, the shimmery, bronze Eye 3-in-1 serves as an eyeliner, eye shadow, and eyelid base simultaneously.

The pressed eye shadow duo enthralls with its extremely shiny coral and sky blue colours.

Salsa Club” and “Cuban Cigar” Lipsticks with their pink and bronze tones have lasting staying power for the whole evening!

La Primavera

Spring brings joy and a sense of rebirth, festivals happening during this time embody those feeling and convey them with bright and rich tones. This concept pulls from Spanish festivals in particular and the use of intense gold, bold red, stunning purple, and bright orange. The SYNCRYSTAL pigments, specifically in SUPERNOVA Red, Orange, and Gold align perfectly for creating formulas you would be happy to parade around.

La Primavera Festival

The colours in the “Las Fallas” Creamy Eye Shadow Triple are a tribute to those found at the Valencian festivities.

Red Carnation” lip smoothie excites with a reddish-pink shade.

Nit de la Cremà” lip gloss delivers a fascinating shine.

Water-based liquid highlighter, El Rocio – Spanish for morning dew –creates a magic skin glow.


Drawing from the immense and short-lived beauty that is cherry blossom season in Japan, called “Sakura”, the pink hues and soft shades only accentuate the delicacy of the whole experience. The SYNCRYSTAL and MIRAGE pigments glamour up the feeling with a pearlescent shimmer, and occasional sparkle, as intriguing as the Japanese culture itself.

Sakura Prototypes

Pink Lip Tint “Strawberry Mochi” delivers opaque matte tinting effects.

Lip Gloss & Topper “Picnic in the Park” stuns with a transparent shine.

”Hanami” and “Cherry Blossom” Eye Shadow Gels, differ in lightness to achieve an individually suited rosy shade.

”Beautiful Spring Day” Body Mist provides a transparent rosy-coloured sparkle to the skin.