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Your 2021 Vision Starts Moving with Active Beauty

It’s a new year, and especially after last year, that means resolutions that focus on self and health. When consumers have binge watched and organized just about everything they can even those who were interested in physical activity have turned the page. This movement has a lasting effect, which means you can only benefit from developing products that are easy to use, have multi-purpose functionality, and create a sense of speed and recovery after a workout. Consumers are being encouraged to exercise their bodies and brains, and beauty brands will formulate products to help them in their quest for health and fitness. Men and women are looking for amazing products that allow them to reach their fitness goals and pamper their skin, hair, and face after doing so. Formulate with Azelis and see what products you can create that consumers will run to for 2021, and beyond.

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Get Active Healthy Living with Evonik Personal Care

Whether one enjoys swimming, running, yoga, or even being outdoors as a spectator, Evonik knows the right beauty products for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. For example, the exercise proof foundation ensures that the face looks fresh during a workout by helping to prevent the smudging and fading caused by sweat, keeping one selfie-ready, because if there’s no pic it didn’t happen.

All-in-1 recharge for SPORT

Featured Ingredients: VARISOFT® EQ 100, TEGO® Betain F 50, and REWOPOL® SB FA 30

Recharge your hair after hard workouts with a combination cleanser and conditioner that performs to your level. Highly effective cleansing, removing sweat and sebum while nourishing/conditioning the scalp and hair with natural oils.

Exercise Proof Foundation

Featured Ingredients: ABIL® EM 90, TEGOSOFT® DEC, and TEGOSOFT® OER

This robust foundation helps to prevent the smudging caused by sweat, yet maintains a lighter skin feel. Keep your face looking fresh and selfie ready throughout your tough workout!

Natural Sun Protection Stick

Featured Ingredients: TEGO® Feel C10, and TEGOSOFT® DC

Natural Sun Protection Stick with convenient natural non-drip, mess-free application and ease of use for reapplication on the go

Refreshing Power Wipe

Featured Ingredients: TEGO® Natural Betaine, and TEGO® Betain 810

Refresh before, during, and after your workout. The refreshing power wipe offers the ultimate convenience in removing sweat and dirt, leaving you refreshed and comfortable to move on with your day.

One thing to note when formulating for those who have chosen to be active outdoors, the increased exertion and element exposure such as sun and air pollution can all create free radicals in the body, for this reason, it is beneficial to incorporate anti-oxidant ingredients such as green tea, guarana and ginkgo into you formulations.

Featured Active Lifestyle Formulas from our Lab

CBD After Sun Stick

Featured Suppliers: Penreco, Beraca, and Evonik

Beach Sand Remover

Featured Suppliers:  Bio-Botanica, Hallstar, Evonik, Campo, Arxada, and Agrana

Coastal Breeze Shower Jelly

Featured Suppliers: Arxada, Evonik, Bio-Botanica, Campo,

On-the-Go Cleansing Stick

Featured Suppliers: Arxada, Evonik