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With over 50 years of experience, Azelis Canada celebrates the dawning of a new decade

Whether you know us as Chemroy or Azelis Canada, we are excited that effective January 1, 2020 we have united the business under the Azelis Canada brand. A smooth transition over the past ten months has consolidated the strengths of both entities into a new industry leader. Chemroy’s legacy remains, as well as its culture of customer service and market expertise – only now it is coupled with Azelis Canada’s scale, global reach and technical expertise in additional markets. More than ever, we look forward to providing our customers superior solutions and product selection in the CASE, Food, Pharma, Lubes, and Nutraceutical industries.

Put the expanded power of Azelis Canada to work for you.


Currency Surcharge

As of June 4, 2023: 37.422%

Fuel Surcharge

As of September 2, 2022: 0.0392/Kg

Specialty Markets


Azelis Canada is a dedicated specialty chemicals distributor of coatings products for all CASE applications. We are a leading principal, offering a wide product portfolio specifically sourced to serve market needs. The added value of in-depth sales support and expert services from our specialist technical and marketing teams is welcomed by customers.


Azelis Canada is a leading distributor of specialty and commodity chemicals, with a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products for high-tech solutions. We have the technical expertise and market knowledge to meet your needs and deliver a wide range of sustainable and reliable chemical products to our customers.

Food & Health

Azelis Canada supplies and distributes technical and functional food ingredients to the Canadian Food & Beverage industry from leading global suppliers. Working closely with our network of suppliers, partners and sales professionals, we work with our customers to discover and deliver the quality ingredients they need for their Bakery, Dairy, Savoury, Beverage, Vegan and Confectionary innovations.

Home & Industrial Cleaning

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We supply speciality chemicals for the Homecare and Industrial Cleaning sector that include surfactants, builders and speciality additives. Our commercial and technical teams guarantee value creation through deep market and application knowledge.


Our Lubricants Portfolio offers a broad spectrum of specialty, bio-based additives for Industrial system solutions. Our selection includes base stocks, pour point depressants, corrosion inhibitors, VI improvers, biocides and more. From offering expert technical advice to testing and analysis support, ask us how we can help take your projects from the outset stages of creating formulations to finalizing your innovation.


We provide nutraceutical system solutions for applications in natural health products, sports nutrition and tablet production. We offer an extensive portfolio of raw materials and innovative science-based ingredients that are NHDP/Health Canada approved and available across Canada, the US and globally.

Personal Care

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Azelis Canada supplies high quality raw materials for Personal Care applications such as cleansers, sun protectors, cosmetics and more throughout Canada. Our experienced teams of product managers, consultants and sales representatives, work closely with our customers, from the beginning stages of creating formulations to finalizing projects and innovations.


Azelis Canada is a distributor of GMP Compliant excipients for applications serving the Canadian and US pharmaceutical markets. Our extensive portfolio includes granulation binders, coating ingredients, controlled release and hardness improvement excipients, most of which, meet all the global pharmacopeia standards.

Rubber & Plastic Additives

Our team is well equipped to provide the raw specialty materials needed for the Rubber & Plastic Additives Industry for applications in Fabrics, Coatings, Transport, Appliances, Packaging, Electronics, Healthcare, Fibers, textiles and Construction Materials. Our team is up-to-date on product-developments in the Industry and ready to work with you on your projects and innovations