Adhesion Promoter

  • CoatOSil MP 200

    CoatOSil MP 200 silane is an epoxy-functional silane oligomer that may be considered for use as an adhesion promoter or binder in polysulfide, urethane, epoxy, and acrylic caulks, sealants, adhesives, and coatings. The product is a polyfunctional structure bearing gamma-glycidoxy groups, which is an excellent candidate to consider to reduce emissions of methanol upon hydrolysis [...]

    $0.00 Market:  ACE Coating, Auto/Trans OEM Coating, Bed Liners, Coatings-Construction, Coatings-Industrial, Coatings-Transportation, Concrete Floor Coating, Construction Coatings, DTM, General Industrial Coating, Primer, Protective/Maintenance Coating, Transportation Coatings
    Product Type: Additives
    Product Category: Adhesion Promoter, Coupling Agent, Crosslinking Agent, Silanes
    Supplier: Momentive
  • Out of stock

    Elotex® line of products

    Market: Construction Adhesive, Construction Adhesive
    Product Type: Additive
    Product Category: Adhesion Promoter
    Supplier: Celanese


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