• Trixene SC Bisoxazolidine

    Trixene® Additives are latent additives, mainly employed with isocyanate-tipped prepolymers in fully-formulated, 1-K and 2-K coatings and sealants. Trixene SC 7906 is a urethane bisoxazolidine that readily reacts with water and will undergo chain extension and crosslinking with moisture-cure, prepolymer coatings. This product tends to crystallize on storage, but can be melted out before its [...]

    $0.00 Market: Adhesives, Coatings-Construction, Coatings-Industrial, Concrete Floor Coating, Construction Coatings, Construction Sealant, DTM, General Industrial Coating, Industrial Sealant, Metal Topcoat, Sealants, Wood Coating, Wood Floor Coating
    Product Type: Additives
    Product Category: Oxazolidines
    Supplier: Lanxess


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