Naphthenic Oils

  • Soltex Napthenic Oils

    Soltex Naphthenic oils are produced to exact specifications and designed for a variety of processing applications. Soltex Napthenic oils range from low, 40 SUS viscosity to high, 2000 SUS viscosity products, with blending capabilities to meet a wide range of industry needs. Applications Tire Oils, Rubber Compounding, Automotive & Industrial Hoses, Dedusting, Plasticizer, Adhesives, Sealants, [...]

    Market: Adhesives & Sealants, Construction Adhesive, Construction Sealant, Consumer Goods/Appliance, Custom Compounder, Rubber, Transportation-Automotive
    Product Type: Plasticizers
    Product Category: Naphthenic Oils
    Supplier: Soltex


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