• PolyTHF (PTMEG)

    PolyTHF (PTMEG) is a hygroscopic polymer made up of linear diols with a backbone of repeating tetramethylene units which are connected by ether linkages. The chains in PolyTHF® (PTMEG) are capped with primary hydroxyl units and are produced by polymerizing tetrahydrofuran. It is a white solid that melts into a clear, colourless liquid when heated [...]

    $0.00 Market: Adhesives & Sealants, Coatings-Construction, Coatings-Industrial, Construction Coatings, Elastomers-Thermoplastic, General Industrial Adhesive, General Industrial Coatings, Rubber/Cast Polymers/Composites
    Product Category: Intermediates
    Supplier: BASF


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