OH Functional

  • Quasilan Polyols

    Quasilan Polyols are branched polyols containing both ether and ester groups in the molecular backbone, and supplied as clear-hazy amber liquids. Alongside the appropriate crosslinkers, Quasilan polyols can be formulated as 2-K systems mainly for DIY and flooring markets. The co-reactant(s) can be selected from a range of multi-functional isocyanates (eg. crude MDI) or tipped [...]

    $0.00 Market: Coatings-Construction, Coatings-Industrial, Concrete Floor Coating, Construction Coatings, Floor Care Coatings, Waterproofing, Wood Floor Coating
    Product Type: Resins
    Product Category: OH Functional, Polyester Polyols, Polyether Polyols
    Supplier: Lanxess


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