• Globalprene SEBS Hydrogenated Elastomers

      FEATURE - Globalprene 9901 Benefits for plastics recycling >> LCY Globalprene™ is a styrene-based polymer. Also referred to as styrenic block copolymer (SBC), it is a member of the thermoplastic synthetic rubber family and is composed of mainly styrene/butadiene or styrene/isoprene. Globalprene SEBS is hydrogenated SBS with a higher content of 1,2-vinyl structure. After [...]

    $0.00 Market: Adhesives, Adhesives-PSA, Asphalt Hot Mix, Bed Liners, Coatings-Industrial, Coatings-Transportation, Composites, Construction Adhesive, Construction Sealant, Construction-Building Materials, Container Coating, Custom Compounder, DTM, Engineered Plastics, Film & Flexible Packaging, Hot Melt Adhesive, Industrial Composite, Plastic Resin Producer, Plastics, PSA-Tapes, Recycled Plastic, Roofing Tiles / Shingles, Rubber, Sealants, Sports & Rec, TPO-Transportation/Automotive, Transportation Coatings, Wire & Cable
    Product Category: Styrenic Block Copolymer, Thermoplastic
    Supplier: LCY Elastomers


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