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Polyurethane Systems and formulations for high performance applications from world’s leading material suppliers are available through Azelis!

Polyurethane resins and monomers when selected appropriately can be the right solution for your demanding applications. These systems can deliver excellent abrasion resistance, cut resistance, and load bearing capacity as no other material. You can achieve resistance to heat build-up like rubbers and toughness like engineered plastics. But manufacturers need to find a balance in performance with remaining cost competitive: this is where Azelis brings Innovation through Formulation! Azelis’ complete portfolio of materials for cast polyurethane elastomers provides you with thermoset elastomers at varying hardness and appropriate chemistries based on your application needs and performance parameters.

While our suppliers’ documentation indicate individual material properties, our in-house technical staff and supplier scientists and engineers can help you determine optimal material formulations critical for durability and required performances by selection of curatives, additives,  and processing improvements. We can help you select the right combination of materials to achieve toughness, hardness, abrasion resistance, load bearing, chemical resistance, heat build-up resistance, machinability and more.  We also specialize in products that provide easier and safer processing conditions.

Additives available through Azelis for Polyurethane manufacturers include* – surfactants, colorants, fillers, plasticizers, UV stabilizers, flame retardants, antistatic agents and antioxidants.

Azelis is firmly committed to quality, safety and environmental responsibility with certified standards and offer assistance to our customers by making available safer products and responsible care product procedures.

Ask your Azelis representative about our products and resources for Cast Polyurethane Elastomers.

Innovation through Formulation

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