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DYTEK A is a multifunctional aliphatic special amine from the company Invista™. This amine is unique in functionality and offers many benefits to formulators.

2-Methylpentamethylenediamine (MPMD)

The popularity and use, however, of this very effective amine curing agent & hardener; has been limited due to complaints from formulators (and end-users) that there is a “fishy” or “bad” odour. Our chemists in our Azelis Europe Laboratory targeted a study to see if it is possible to reduce or mask the odour of DYTEK A without losing other (curing) properties.

DYTEK® A Amine

An epoxy hardener alternative to ethyleneamines (DETA, TETA, TEPA), TMD and polyetheramines, that brings unique properties to products and formulations.

Benefits for Epoxy Systems:

  • Lower viscosity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Low temperature and fast curing
  • Less crystallinity in polymers
  • 93% recycled content


The lab tested four different DPG-based fragrances as listed in the chart below.

  • Odor Development: Formulas were judged by multiple chemists in our lab. This odour test is very subjective but was done in good faith with the best objectivity in mind.
  • Compatibility: All formulas showed no deposits, no floating, and were storage stable for a minimum of 3 weeks.


Overall, our labs found that the odor of DYTEK A in epoxy systems can be significantly improved with the use of DPG-containing fragrances without significantly impacting performance properties. Some fragrances improved the odor better than others (chart below). The performance is summarized as follows:


  • Visual Appearance: Some surface problems observed with 2 of 14 formulas when applied to black plastic (PA) substrates. Further testing required.
  • Hardness: No significant changes in Shore D or Pendulum or hardness.
  • Cross-cut Adhesion: No significant decreases in adhesion observed. The reduced adhesion in formulation 7 and 8 could be a result of the surface defects.
  • Chemical Resistance: Results are comparable to the reference (formula 2), thus the fragrances had no significant impact on the system.
  • Curing Speed: After mixing the final epoxy/amine formulation, we took a measurement of temperature development over time as a representation of cure speed. From the graph below (figure 1), it was concluded that the fragrances did not have any measurable impact on cure speed.
DYTEK A - Cure Speed vs. Fragrance

Figure 1: Impact of DPG-based fragrance on Dytek A cure speed in an epoxy formulation.

Concluding Remarks

Back to our problem statement: is it possible to reduce or mask the odour of DYTEK A without losing other properties? The answer is: Yes, it is possible. We were able to reduce the odor and did not observe any significant impact on

✓ curing speed
✓ visual appearance
✓ Shore D hardness over time
✓ pendulum hardness
✓ cross-cut adhesion
✓ chemical resistance

It is important to note: all of these tests were based on the below assumptions.

  • Only one epoxy resin was tested.
  • Only one very simple hardener formulation was used (DYTEK A + BZA)
  • Tested in controlled lab: 20°C, 50% humidity, no wind, no UV, etc.
  • Only a few testers/odor judges used.

These results are only an indication. Formulators are encouraged to test their system in the parameters that are relevant to the end-use application they are creating the product for.

If you are interested in learning more about DYTEK A Amine, talk to your Azelis Sales Representative today. Let’s get you connected and on the path to your next great product launch!

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