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Liquid applied roof coating manufacturers have had success in coating new roofs and recoating existing weathered roof coatings. There still exists however, significant challenges in coating other existing roof substrates such as: rolled membranes, metal, and asphalt-based materials. Our team of chemists took on the challenge to create a Multi-Purpose Primer (MPP) formula that can meet the rigorous performance criteria for roof coatings on these more challenging surfaces. We are very excited to share the performance results with our customers and provide guidance on how to successfully launch a similar product of their own.


Azelis identified a particular water-based resin and used specific formulating techniques to optimize a unique coating that not only displays exceptional adhesion to a large number of common roofing substrates, but also provides excellent water ponding and asphalt bleed resistance. 


The Azelis Multi-Purpose Primer (MPP) is a liquid applied coating that is made with a water-based resin. It is a roof coating primer designed to provide a suitable substrate for liquid applied Elastomeric Roof Coatings.  MPP must be top coated and is not designed to be used as a stand-alone product as it will yellow after prolonged exposure to the sun. Unlike other commercial primers, MPP is only slightly tacky after it is fully dried (~24 hrs) but can be walked on the day after it is applied, and possibly sooner if environmental conditions allow.

Physical Properties

Permeance (ASTM D1653-B)……. 1.8
Mandrel Bend -15ºF (1/2“) ………. Pass
Density (lbs/gal) …………………….. 8.4
Viscosity (KU) ………………………… 92
50ºC Heat Age Viscosity ………….. 21 Days Pass

Full raw material list and formulation details of the Azelis MPP formula is available from your Azelis representative.


Performance Results

Azelis performed ASTM D903 peel adhesion to 14 common roofing substrates and achieved superior adhesive performance over a majority of these substrates.

MPP Adhesion - 1 day cure chart

Figure 1: Adhesion test for multiple substrates – 1 day cure


MPP Asphalt Bleed Test

Figure 2: Asphalt Bleed Resistance: Acrylic Topcoat (Acronal 4400) alone versus Primer + Top Coat

Azelis Internal Screening Methods

Our labs conducted further tests in accordance with our own Azelis internal screening methods where the MPP has performed very well:

  • Water Ponding Test – Long Term outdoor exposure (photo below)
  • Long-term blistering test

The details of these screening methods and results are available upon request.

Water Ponding Test

Figure 3: Azelis Internal – Water Ponding test. Azelis MPP passed and results are available upon request.


Adhesion - Multiple Substrates

Figure 4: Multi-Purpose Primer – Testing Substrates



The Azelis Multi-Purpose Primer formula demonstrates many performance benefits for roof coatings manufacturers including:

  • Adhesion to a broad number of substrates
  • Improved asphalt bleed resistance
  • Improved water ponding resistance

The value propositions of MPP that can be promoted to roof coating manufacturers are:

  • Reducing the number of primer coats from ~6-7 to 2-3 reduces inventory, labour and training costs
  • Improved performance results with fewer call backs
  • Reduced technical support costs

The roof coatings market is hungry for a primer that adheres to multiple substrates. Azelis is proud to have created the Azelis MPP formula, giving our customers a further edge in this market.

Azelis and our commitment to: Innovation through Formulation

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