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There is a pride that is being reinvigorated for those who welcome back a natural curly style. Here we will focus on those with curly hair types, ethnicities and nationalities including but not limited to Hispanic, Pacific Islander, and African Ancestry.

What makes it more difficult to formulate and market to an ever-diversifying population is understanding that not all curls are the same. The curl type and density of the hair are important when determining a routine that works for an individual’s style. The curl pattern in particular defines how hair will react to styling such as mechanical stress and heat. The smaller the coil of the hair the harder it is for oil from the scalp to reach the strands completely, creating dry and brittle hair making it more resistant and more likely to break. Those with slower hair growth and low hair density do not want to weaken the hair strand but rather improve its health from within.

Ingredient Value
Hairflux Sphinganine-based Ceramides and natural oils ingredient to nourish hair from root to tip on all hair types.
Rovisome Biotin A highly efficient combination of vitamins and caffeine which is encapsulated for effective delivery to scalp and root.
TEGO® Pep-3 Boost Peptide with naturally occurring amino acid that promotes a healthy hair life cycle, strengthening the hair follicle.
TEGO® Cosmo C100 Amino acid derivative that is identical to the natural creatine occurring in humans and improves the properties of stressed hair through deep penetration to rebuild the keratin fibers

State of a Hairs

The historical use of products and treatments for “ethnic hair” have left consumers understanding the damaging results of such routines and products. Many have declared to “go natural” and although collectively this has been understood to mean the use of ingredients from a natural origin, for many people of color inherited rituals that contain natural ingredients such as shea, olive, coconut, and aloe are already their norm. Instead, this term refers to letting hair be styled in its natural, “un-tamed” state without overprocessing through chemical or heat manipulation.

Hair treatments NPD increasingly contain repair or damage control benefits reflecting the broader trend for consumers seeking in-depth hair repair/damage control.

These formulas provide the care and restoration your consumers desire for the damage that has kept their locks from their finest.

These natural styles however often are not achieved effortlessly. Many require an extensive routine (some that can take over 2 hours depending on curl type, density, and length) and the need for extended in-between wash timeframes; this leaves opportunity for growth beyond the basic cleansing, conditioning, and styling formats on the market today. Take a look at our Video on curl styling routines Oh, Curl! Thats a good look, incorporate ingredients that address curls, frizz, parched strands, oily roots, and scalp health overall, in easy to use formats will triumph.

Consideration for time and value through efficacy, are benefits consumers no longer sacrifice on. The goal is to get to a natural healthy hair state and curly styles are notorious for requiring an arsenal of products, for this reason delivering both treatment and styling benefits, is sought out, one of the reasons ingredients like butters and oils have maintained their position in products developed for those with thick curly locks. Go further by Including ingredients that help to:

  • dry hair faster
  • extend style
  • reduce washing frequency or restore style
  • prepares hair for easier morning styling
  • are nutrient rich
  • remove product buildup while depositing much needed moisturization
  • add protection through anti-pollution properties


  • Rheance One – a natural lipid that is gentle yet effective in rinse-off applications to reduce sebum, irritation and provide maximum cleansing without stipping the hair and scalp of its natural oils.
  • Varisoft EQ 100 – makes hair softer and less brittle, improves combability, for more manageability.
  • Capillus Pro 22 – improves shine, volume, and combability while reducing breakage.
  • Agenabon 20.219 – hydrolyzed Corn Starch that provides a natural hold and curl retention with no perceived after feel
  • Agenanova 30.326 – a free-flowing, slightly hygroscopic maltodextrin powder with Strong styling effect

Because styles for curls and high density hair are notorious for increased product usage, as an additional consideration for eco-conscience consumers develop concepts that help to reduce water usage, and waste through multifunctional, multipurpose products, and alternative formats. You can check out more on our sustainability posts. Or jump into some of these categories directly:



Solid Formats