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If you haven’t heard already, consumers are taking a closer look at the longevity of their clothing and by extension, the efficacy of their detergents. Don’t get put in the waste bin because your detergent leaves behind much not to be desired.

Stains are inevitable. We are complex people with insatiable appetites to do, see, and try it all. But just as in life its self, we get messy! It goes a little something like this, and maybe you even see yourself in one of these scenarios:

A little Netflix and ice cream rom-com marathon after a break-up; maybe a post-gym chocolate shake because no pain, no gain; Jr.’s hungry and grabs a snack pack from the cabinet and is still running in the house; how about that quarantine 15 shred with salads for every meal, especially the one squeezed between zoom calls; or the, “we can finally get together in groups!” backyard barbecue, and overloaded on the potato salad – “oh no! My shirt!” stain. All oopsies are not alike, but through understanding the foods we are so masterfully Jackson Pollicking ourselves with, stains become less of a “Well, we will have to replace that shirt” and more of a “Look at this limited-time piece of art!”


Clean Clothes, Conscience, and Calendar

Consumers really want to spend more time getting out there, not weighed down with household chores. As life picks back up, so does the stress, and consumers “just want it to work.” They are looking for less to be concerned with after quite a stressful time. There is less tolerance for underperforming products, and if there is something people don’t like more than laundry, it’s underperformance.

Mixed with the concern for time is a concern for the environment. Consumers are looking at the safety and sustainability of the products they use, and how their lifestyles have lasting effects on the environment. As consumers look to remove unwanted chemicals from their households; they are looking to naturally derived, plant-based, and minimal ingredient lists; however, they are not willing to sacrifice efficacy. Sustainability credentials and safety-tested ingredients will become just as important as comparative results.

Make Sure Your Ingredients Do the Heavy Lifting

Many of the delights we indulge in contain food thickeners, such as guar gum, for consistency and mouthfeel. All ways to say they enhance the experience of eating until we graciously share with our clothing, and then those thickeners act as an adhesive, making soils more challenging to remove. Mannanase is an enzyme that helps break down those thickeners.

BIOTOUCH ® M9 shows powerful washing performance in various formulations and at a wide range of washing temperatures, adding to the effectiveness of detergents and breaking down food thickeners to boost the washing power of detergents. Additionally, BIOTOUCH ® M9 is naturally occurring and is safe for eco-labels, meaning one less thing for consumers to concern themselves with.