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Who Says Shampoo Can’t Rock?

Shampoo bars that help to reduce waste and water usage, and that offer a new hair cleansing experience are starting to raise consumer interest. We have what you need to create exciting shampoo bar products, let’s start here:

Where your Natural Story Begins…

The creative possibilities for a shampoo bar are endless, but you’ll need to start with a blank canvas to create your masterpiece!  Start your base with a dependable surfactant which provides good performance, compatibility and is easy to use.

Colonial SCS Needles

Colonial SCS is a sodium coco-sulfate derived from 100% natural coconut oil and has a Natural Origin Index of 1 in accordance with ISO 16128 guideline. In the needle form, the product is free flowing and disperses easily in water. It provides excellent lather, thickening and conditioning properties.

INCI: Sodium Coco-Sulfate

Cola®Lipid GS

Add a boost of antioxidants and conditioning with ColaLipid GS derived from sustainable pure grapeseed oil.   ColaLipid GS is multifunctional, natural triglyceride organic phospholipid complex. The flavonoid oligomeric procyanidin found in grapeseed oil is an incredibly strong antioxidant, about 50 times stronger than antioxidants like vitamin C and E.

INCI Sodium Grapeseed Amidopropyl PG-Dimonium Chloride Phosphate

Matchmaker: Shampoo Bar, Meet Eco-Conditioner Bar

Tame that mane without the plastic bottle!  Conditioner bars are making the same splash as shampoo bars due to customer driving demand: less packaging, less waste, and beauty on the go. Make the perfect natural duo set for cleansing and conditioning.

Shampoo and conditioner bar formulas also carry over to beard care giving you even more formulating possibilities for men’s care.

Cola®Quat CBC – Conditioning Concentrate

ColaQuat CBC offers a high quality conditioner in an easy, single-step manufacturing process. It provides conditioning, improved wet compatibility, and may be blended with other additives to develop customized products.

INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol and Stearalkonium Chloride and Propylene Glycol and Lactic Acid

Trend-Driven Formula

This formula contains nourishing butters and oils, and can also be used as a conditioning shaving bar. Create your own by swapping out oils and fragrances.

Final Touch – The Perfect Sensory Profile

The selection of oils and emollients in your shampoo or conditioner bar needs to have the right balance of nourishing properties and substantivity to hair without leaving it feeling heavy or oily.  Here are some ideas to create the perfect sensory effect in your next formula:

Lipex SheaLight™ – shea butter with unique profile

Lipex SheaLight is a unique, eco-designed emollient ester for light, silky soft feel in skin and hair care products. Sustainable shea butter ester with light skin feel Lipex SheaLight has unique sensory properties compared to other shea butter based ingredients. Lipex SheaLight can work wonders for people looking to treat dry hair. Its low viscosity and high polarity will ensure good wetting of hair fibre and leave a thin moisturising film that will not weigh down the hair.

Lipex L’sens is a highly polar, semi-solid, shea-based oleogel for improving moisturizing, conditioning and light-reflecting benefits in skin, hair and lip care formulations Lipex L’sens shows high substantivity to both hair and skin. Its properties in regard to touch, structure, gloss, film-forming and water-absorbing capacities make it an excellent vegan-based alternative to lanolin.

INCI: Soybean Glycerides (and) Butyrospermum Parkii Unsaponifiables

Beracare Active Revitalization Hair System an active rich in omega-6 and flavonoids and is proven to promote intense brightness and vitality, and revitalize the hair fiber. The blend of natural oils act on the fibers and directly on the scalp, bringing nourishment through liposoluble vitamins, and as well as moisturizing, emolliency and lubricating properties to give a smooth, malleable and healthy appearance. An excellent natural choice for silicone replacement in hair care products.

INCI: Passiflora edulis seed oil, Oriza sativa rice bran oil, Euterpe olerace fruit oil

Lipovol® Natural Oils –  nourishment and consumer appeal 

Pure, high quality oils that allow creativity in delivering products that possess the proper spreadability, skin feel, moisturization and elegant after-feel. From local to exotic oils, the Lipovol line of Natural Oils has the right product to complete your story:

Lipovol Natural Oils

What’s on the Market?

Get inspired and see some new products that just hit the market

Bar None - Hydrating Shampoo Bar

Claims: Vegan, condition and hydrate the hair, cruelty-free, zero-waste, easy to use


Sodium cocoyl isethionate, stearic acid, behentrimonium methosulfate, Cocos nucifera (coconut) butter, decyl glucoside, Butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), sodium coco-sulfate, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, fragrance

Lush - #Be Cruely-Free Shampoo Bar

Claims: Soothe irritated scalp, make hair shiny and soft, no animal testing


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Nettle and Peppermint Infusion (Urtica dioica, Mentha piperita) Fragrance, Eugenol Glycerine Nettle Absolute (Urtica urns), Rosemary Absolute (Rosmarinus Officials), Clove Bud Oil (Eugenia Caryophyllus), Cinnamon Leaf Oil (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), Cinnamon Cinnamyl, Alcohol Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Linalool Red 30

J.R. Liggett's Herbal Shampoo Bar

Claims: Makes hair shiny and soft, for sensitive skin, vegan bar, no build-up


Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, RSPO Palm Kernel Oil, Vit. E