Phase Trade Name INCI %
A Isohexadecane 4
Steareth-21 2.20
Steareth-2 1
B Aqua 45.80
CORN PO4 PH „B“ Distarch Phosphate 4
C Aluminum Chlorohydrate 40
D Water, Phragmites Communis Extract, Poria Cocos Extract 3

1. Heat up A to 70°C.
2. Pre-disperse the CORN PO4 PH “B” into the water while stirring and heated to 70 °C.
3. Maintain this temperature for 10 minutes while stirring.
4. Stir B into A and homogenize for 1 minute.
5. Cool down while stirring and add C at 45 °C.
6. Homogenize again for a short time. Stir cold and add D while stirring below 30 °C.