This carpet cleaner with odour removal features Tego®Sorb A 30. Tego®Sorb A 30 is a highly effective, fast acting and long lasting odor absorber based on the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid which is pre-activated by an amino acid. Ready-to-use dilution: 1:20 for general cleaning conditions up to 1:1 for spot removing.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
  Sodium dodecyl sulfate, 30% Sodium dodecyl sulfate 16.0
  Rewopol®D 510 NC Sodium Isooctyl Sulfate 2.0
  Tego®Sorb A 30 Zinc salt of ricinoleic acid (and) amino acid 3.0
  Phosphonic Acid (DTPMP), 32% Phosphonic Acid 3.2
    Water (Dye, Perfume) 75.8

Formula No. 101650-15

Blend all ingredients while stirring. Adjust the pH with TEA to approx. pH 8.5.