Creates a soft and creamy lather. Leaves skin feeling smooth and clean. Clear, slightly yellowish liquid. For application with finger pump foamer.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
Water ad 100
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose 0.50
TEGO® Natural Betaine Betaine 2.00
TEGO® Betain 810 Capryl/Capramidopropyl Betaine 6.60
RHEANCE® One Glycolipids 4.40
ANTIL® Soft SC MB Sorbitan Sesquicaprylate 0.50
Verstatil® TBG MB Triethyl Citrate; Glyceryl Caprylate; Benzoic Acid 1.20
Perfume q.s.
Formula No: NN 168/2.1
  1. Dissolve the Cellulose and TEGO Natural Betaine in the water and allow to swell.
  2. Add remaining ingredients in the given order while stirring.
  3. Adjust pH to 6.