Balm texture. Less harsh to hair fibers and scalp.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
A TEGO® Alkanol 1618 Cetearyl Alcohol 7.00
VARISOFT® BT 85 Pellets Behentrimonium Chloride 2.35
ABIL® Quat 3676 Quaternium-80; Dipropylene Glycol 2.00
B Water ad 100
TEGO® Cosmo C 100 Creatine 0.50
RHEANCE® One Glycolipids 5.60
Glycerin 2.00
C Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate 4.00
D Verstatil® PC Phenoxyethanol; Caprylyl Glycol 1.00
Perfume q.s.

Formulation No: 2018-CN-RO-BR-021-0011


  1. Phase B: dissolve TEGO Cosmo c 100 in water, add remaining ingredients in teh given order. Heat to ~85°C and stir until uniform.
  2. Phase A: Blend all ingredients, heat to ~85°C and stir until uniform.
  3. Add B to A and homogenize at 10,000 rpm. Adjust pH to ~5 with Lactic Acid.
  4. Add Phase C slowly at ~45°C and homogenize at 1200 rpm for 5 min.
  5. Add Phase D and stir until uniform.