Keep dishes clean with this Liquid Hand Dish Soap that features Suga®Boost 030.

Suga®Boost 030 is apart of the Suga Boost performance surfactants which can significantly raise the cleaning performance over traditional surfactants such as DDBSA, SLES and NP-9, particularly in removing food soils, animal grease, and protein soil.

Phase Trade Name INCI Name % w/w
1 Water Aqua qs to 100.00
2 Suga®Boost 030 Functionalized Alkyl Poly Glucosides 12.00
3 Sodium Gluconate 0.70
4 Citric Acid, 50% 0.06
5 Isopropyl Alcohol 0.30

Procedure for Liquid Hand Dish Soap

  1. Combine ingredients in order with adequate mixing between additions.


Appearance: Clear Liquid
pH: 7.5 – 8.5
Viscosity: 20 cP



Formulation No. 5032

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