On cold days, enjoy this warming Magic Snowflakes Face Wash! The warming effect gives a nice extra touch to this cleansing formulation during usage. This formulation is water-free hence, does not require any preservatives.

Rice PO4 Natural is a special starch that is based on rice. It provides better opacity, creaminess and the better adhesion to the skin. Due to its non-swelling properties, it does not clog the pores in the skin. BergaSoft SCI 80 is a readily biodegradable, non-ethoxylated and suphate-free anionic surfactant. As the main surfactant, it gives a creamy, stable, dense foam and is ideal for a smooth, soft, silky skin feel.

Phase Ingredient INCI %w/w
A Rice PO4 Natural Distarch Phosphate Up to 100.00
BergaSoft SCI 80 (powder) Sodium Cocoyl Isethinoate 25.00
B Calendula Extract Water (Aqua) (And) Propylene Glycol (and) Calendola Officinalis Extract Glucose 0.50
Fragrance Fragrance 0.50
C Magnesium Sulphate Anydrous Magnesium Sulphate 20.00


Procedure for Magic Snowflakes Face Wash

  1. Weigh BergaSoft SCI 80 and rice starch and mix slowly together.
  2. While stirring, add Phase B ingredients drop by drop.
  3. At the last step, add Phase C ingredient by stirring.

Magic Snowflakes Face Wash

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