This Melting Heart Hair Conditioner with Agenajel 20.383 is a solid and fun hair care product that is easily transportable and melts quickly in contact with the hands. The shell contains active ingredients to soften and hydrate the hair. The liquid serum protected at its heart will complete this revolutionary treatment by strengthening and conditioning the hair fiber.

Tips for Use: Tips for use: Melt a dose of this solid haircare by applying gentle circular pressures using your dry hands. Apply to hair previously washed and towel-dried on the lengths and ends. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse.

Agenajel 20.383 is an aqueous natural gelling agent made from corn starch. Usable cold, it brings body to formulas of care but also of hygiene. It also stabilizes emulsions while providing them with a smooth and creamy texture. It is the ideal ingredient for natural formulas.

Phase Trade Name INCI Name % w/w
A Deionized Water Aqua 68.65
B Glycerin 5.00
Gellan Gum 0.45
Gellan Gum 0.35
C Agenajel 20.383 Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate 3.00
D Butylene Glycol 2.50
E Sodium Benzoate 0.25
F Lactic Acid, Aqua 0.10
G Glyceryl Stearate, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate,
Cetearyl Alcohol
Lauryl/Myristyl Polyricinoleate, Glycerin 2.00
C10-18 Triglycerides 2.00
Ethyl Olivate, Triheptanoin 1.50
Jojoba Oil Refined Organic Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil 3.00
Shorea Robusta Seed Butter 4.00
Cetearyl Alcohol 2.0
Ethylhexyl Polyhydroxystearate 1.00
H Benzyl Alcohol 0.80
I Parfum 0.40


Phase Trade Name INCI Name % w/w
A’ Deionized Water Aqua 98.00
Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyl Trimonium
Lactic Acid, Aqua q.s.
B’ Deionized Water Aqua q.s.
C.I. 75470 q.s.

Procedure for Melting Heart Hair Conditioner with Agenajel 20.383

  1. Prepare phase A’ by dispersing Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyl Trimonium in water until homogenized.
  2. Add a few drops of acid until a transparent solution with a pH = 5.5 is obtained.
  3. Add phase B’. Pour the appropriate quantity into the desired shape and freeze.
  4. Prepare phase B by dispersing the gums in the glycerin.
  5. Add to A under a deflocculator and heat to 80°C.
  6. Once the mixture is homogeneous, add C and homogenize, add D, then E and F, an increase in viscosity occurs. Maintain the temperature at 80°C.
  7. Prepare G and heat to 80°C.
  8. Emulsify by adding G to the mixture for 5 minutes. Then add H and I.
  9. Pour hot then insert the mixture A’+ B’ still frozen into the heart of the product.


pH: 5.0 – 5.5

Melting Heart Hair Conditioner with Agenajel 20.383













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Formula No. 1919.20