This Natural Compact Dry Shampoo is a pressed powder that refreshes greasy hair strands and roots. It combines natural sebum absorbing ingredients.

The formulation features TEGO Feel C 10 which is an eco-friendly alternative to microplastics in leave-on applications. It absorbs sebum and provides a mattifying effect. dermofeel sensolv MB conditions the hair without greasy or heavy residue, and no build-up. It also has an antistatic effect and efficient combing force reduction.

Phase Trade Name INCI Name % w/w
A Tapioca Natural (CAD) Tapioca Starch 15.00
Kaolin 20.00
Hydrated Silica 42.50
Magnesium Stearate 2.50
TEGO® Feel C 10 Cellulose 10.00
B dermofeel® sensolv MB Isoamyl Laurate 4.20
Castor Oil, Refined Ricinus Communis Seed Oil 4.00
Perfume Fragrance/Parfum 0.50
dermosoft® GMCY MB Glyceryl Caprylate 1.00
dermofeel® Toco 70 non GMO Tocopherol; Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil 0.20


Procedure for Natural Compact Dry Shampoo

  1. Premix Phase A and grind two times for 20 seconds in a mill.
  2. Premix Phase B and add to Phase A.
  3. Grind all in a mill for 20 seconds, two times.

Specifications for Natural Compact Dry Shampoo

Appearance: off-white, pressed powder

Natural Compact Dry Shampoo









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Reference No. L105-9.22-0120