Application onto wet skin creates a smooth and fine foam, with moisturizing and refatting ingredients, and 36% natural content.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
A Propylene Glycol 23.00
Sodium Stearate 9.00
B Aqua 3.00
Potassium Hydroxide 3.10
Glycerin 5.00
Aqua; Sodium Hydroxide (30% sol.) 0.20
C Sodium Coco-Sulfate 25.00
dermosoft® Pentiol eco Pentylene Glycol 3.00
TEGO® Remo 95 MB Sorbitan Caprylate; Glyceryl Oleate 2.00
D Aqua 7.85
dermofeel® PA-12 Sodium Phytate 0.10
TEGO® Natural Betaine Betaine 2.00
E Myristic Acid 8.00
Palmitic Acid 6.00
Cocos Nucifera Oil 2.00
Z Parfum 0.75

Formula No. L105-1.12-0919


  1. Heat phase A up to 80 °C and dissolve Sodium Stearate in little portions while stirring.
  2. Dissolve Potassium Hydroxide in water and add the rest of phase B.
  3. Premix phase C and let it swell. Heat up to 60 -70 °C.
  4. Heat phase E up to 75 °C.
  5. Add phase B to phase A while stirring. Then add phase C to phase A/B.
  6. Add phase D to phase A/B/C under stirring. Sodium Coco-Sulfate has to be dissolved, if not homogenize with an Ultra Turrax.
  7. Add phase E to phase A/B/C/D while stirring. Spend attention to the foam building rate.
  8. Add phase Z.
  9. Cool down until 60-65 °C and fill into the final containers.