This Natural Wash Lotion for Textile Face Masks is a sustainable and extra mild cleaning formulation that is suitable as a spray application for travel-friendly format. The specialty ingredients in the formulation boost the cleaning performance of the formulation and provide excellent foaming properties.

Regular washing of textile masks can reduce the consumption of single-use masks and therefore, contributes to waste reduction.

TEGOTENS SC 100 RM is a cleaning booster and helps to remove make-up marks from the mask. This formulation is low foaming and easy to rinse.

Ingredient %
Xanthan Gum 0.1
Glycerin 2.0
Water 76.9
Aqueous solution of sophorolipids (lactone- and acid form) 2.0
Disodium PEG-5 Laurylcitrate Sulfosuccinate;
Sodium Laureth Sulfate
C8-10 Alkylpolyglucoside (70%) 10.00
TEGO® Betain C 60 3.0
Preservative q.s.


Procedure for Natural Wash Lotion for Textile Face Masks

  • Premix xanthan gum and glycerin and add the water. Add the other ingredients in the given order while stirring.


pH: 7.50

Usage Instructions

Add warm water into your washbasin. Then add the wash lotion and wash the face masks by hand. The formulation will clean the face masks efficiently and are very mild to the skin and fabrics.

Natural Wash Lotion for Textile Face Masks












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