Keep kitchenware sparkling clean with this Pot and Pan Degreaser that features NXT SOLV 300 and NXT SOLV 400.

NXT SOLV 300 is a strong degreaser and has strong solvency across a broad range of organic functionalities with low to no foaming. NXT SOLV 400 is a proprietary ketal ester solvent that has outstanding performance in aqueous hard surface cleaning and degreasing. Both of these ingredients have low to no odour and enhance the stability of the formulation

Ingredient Weight %
Water 70.00
Monoethanolamine 0.50
Carbonate Salt 3.00
NXT SOLV 300 (Levulinate Propanediol Ketal) 5.50
NXT SOLV 400 (Levulinate Glycerol Ketal) 11.00
Sodium Dihydrogen Citrate 3.75
Anionic Surfactant 5.00
Nonionic Surfactant 1.25
Total 100.00