This Pressed Powder is talc & oil free with a mattifying appearance, and a long wear! The combination of Naturesorb 1000 and Naturesoft 860R deliver a smooth spread upon application for a safe, easy and uniform look that lasts.

Phase Ingredient INCI %w/w
A Mica 47.63
Synthetic Mica 25.00
Red Iron Oxide / Dimethicone 0.35
Black Iron Oxide / Dimethicone 0.22
Yellow Iron Oxide / Dimethicone 1.30
TiO2 / Dimethicone 5.50
Sorbic Acid / Mica (1:1) 0.50
Naturesoft 860R Rice Bran Wax 10.00
Naturesorb 1000 Carnauba wax & Ca Silicate 2.50
B Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate 2.50
Tocopheryl Acetate 0.25
Dimethicone 2.00
Phenyl Trimethicone 2.00
Polyglycerol 3 Di-Isostearate 0.25

Reference No. PP-1812


  1. Combine Phase A ingredients in a suitable blender and mix until uniform.
  2. Pulverize through a 0.20” herringbone screen. Add Phase B, mix in a blender at high speed until
  3. Pass the combined phases through a pulverizer equipped with 0.020” herringbone screen.
  4. Press at 1500 Psi in an appropriate pan.