A light powdered aerosol designed to instantly cleanse, refresh your style, boost volume and add texture all without water. Leaves hair clean with little to no white residue and easy to style and restyle. This unique formula does not create a matte finish but rather maintains the vibrancy and sheen of hair colour to let your true colours shine through from one day to the next.

This hydroalcoholic dry shampoo with DME propellant delivers consumer-perceivable cleaning with a lower level of polymer.

Phase Ingredient INCI % w/w
Concentrate Deionized Water Aqua 10
Advantage™ Revive polymer PVP 2.5
Glycerin Glycerin 0.5
SD Alcohol 40-B (200 proof) Ethanol (denatured) 27
Propellant Dimethylether 60
total 100%



  1. Add water and begin mixing
  2. Add Advantage™ Revive polymer and mix until completely wetted out
  3. Add glycerin and ethanol and mix until uniformly dispersed
  4. Continue mixing while filling cans. Vacuum crimp and charge with propellant.


  • Valve: Lindal
  • Actuator: ST 834A, 0.030 orifice