This Super Scalp Saver Dry Shampoo is a light, absorbent treatment powder with an added skin macro-nutrient complex to moisturize the scalp.

The formulation features Reisita Natural which is a native rice starch with low plate count. These starches are used after emulsification/hot processing (below 40°C) for aesthetic modification (feel, tack reduction, etc). Also, they are added to the water phase prior to heating, to provide thickening and rheology modification to the formula. Tapioca Natural is a native tapioca starch with low plate count. It is in conformity with the BDIH-Standard and the COSMOS-Standard.

Beraclay Active Mineral Colours, offers a unique variety of colours and distinct cosmetic benefits obtained through sustainable production. The product line is composed of a wide range of natural colour shades containing no artificial dyes or pigments.

Trade Name INCI Name % w/w
Reisita Natural Oryza Sativa Starch 43.50
Tapioca Natural Tapioca Starch 44.00
Hydrated Silica 5.00
Beraclay Gold Kaolin 5.00
Solids/Soybean Oil Ferment,
Maltol, Polyquaternium-80 0.50

Procedure for Super Scalp Saver Dry Shampoo

Mix Phase A for 15 seconds until homogeneous.

Super Scalp Saver Dry Shampoo













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Super Scalp Saver Dry Shampoo Formulation No. 5444S