Reveal glowing, healthy skin with this exfoliating Upcycling Body Scrub – Transforming Aqua. Made with sugar and upcycled raspberry oil to renew the skin. This formulation is vegan and naturally colored.

Featured pigments & effects:

  • SunCROMA® Ultramarine Blue
  • Reflecks™ Dimensions Brilliant Blue
Phase Trade Name INCI Name  % w/w
A Refined, sugar Sucrose 58.90
Brown sugar Sucrose 20.00
B Undecane, Tridecane 9.00
Rubus idaeus (Raspberry) seed oil 4.00
Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol 1.00
Tocopherol 1.00
Fragrance 1.00
C Spirulina Platensis Extract, Trehalose, Sodium Citrate 1.00
SunCROMA® Ultramarine Blue Ultramarine (CI 77007) 0.10
Reflecks™ Dimensions Brilliant Blue Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Silica 4.00

Procedure for Upcycling Body Scrub – Transforming Aqua

  1. Mix Phase A until uniform.
  2. Pre-mix Phase B and add to Phase A.
  3. Add Phase C and mix.

Upcycling Body Scrub - Transforming Aqua










Formulation No. CC-FR-20-064-A13