A Ready to use Formula for cleaning, shine and protection in one. The consumer follows the following application instructions: Make sure, that the car surface is not hot (avoid working under direct sun, use a shaded area, or a garage). Apply the above Wash and Wax ready to use formula with a sprayer on a small section of the car (around 2 feet x 2 feet). Use a microfiber towel folded into quarters. Gently wipe off the liquid resulting in a clean, dry, glossy-‐ slippery surface. Repeat the procedure on the rest of the car (working on one section at a time using always a clean section of the folded towel). When all sections of your towel get dirty, switch to a clean one (if too much dirt is lodged onto the fibers, it can scratch the clear coat). Later you can wash the towels for future reuse.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
  CARSPRAY 300 Drying Agent Concentrate*   0.4
  Tegopren 5840 Dimethicone Copolyol 0.2
  Tego Polish Additiv Q 70 Quaternary-80 Blend 0.8

* The Concentrate can also be made with Carspray 400 using this Drying Agent Concentrate