The Wellness Serum for Scalp Care presents a light texture, high spreadability and fast absorption: a unique sensory experience.

The serum helps to rebalance the scalp as it contains Patauá Oil which is responsible for reducing desquamation and improving scalp health.

The serum also features Beracare CBA, an active ingredient with de-stressing and wellness-related properties, promoting several benefits such as calming, improved healing, and providing comfort as whole.

Phase Ingredient INCI %w/w
A Aqua up to 100%
Panthenol 1.00
Allantoin 0.10
A1 Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-11 0.60
B TEGO SML 20 Polysorbate 20 5.00
REFINED PATAUÁ OIL Oenocarpus bataua fruit oil 2.00
BERACARE CBA Copaifera officinalis (balsam
copaiba) resin, Passiflora edulis seed oil
Propylene glycol diheptanoate 7.00
Tocopherol 1.00
Sorbitan Caprylate (and) Benzyl Alcohol 1.00
Fragrance 0.30

Formulation No.: CAP 107- 0421_01


    1. Mix the ingredients of phase (A) and homogenize it for 15 min. with medium stirring.
    2. Add phase (A1) into (A) under stirring and homogenize until form the gel.
    3. . In another Becker weight all ingredients of phase (B) mix it well.
    4. Add phase (B) into phase (A+A1).
    5. Verify the pH, and if necessary, adjust to 5.5-6.0.