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The scalp like any part of the skin is subject to dryness, scaling, itching, acne, and irritation from heat, friction from combing, or product application. The scalp deserves its own tender loving care.

Start with Making the Scalp happy! Reduce irritation with:

Sphingonya naturally occurring, skin-identical sphingolipid. It is produced by fermentation of unique yeast fermentation, that promotes a healthy scalp and improves the appearance of hair quality,

Of all scalp care launches for the 2 years leading up to September 2020, Botanical/Herbal holds the highest position amongst launches. Moisturizing/Hydrating and Paraben-Free are tied for second, and Ethical for Animals and Sulfate-Free are tied for third. Although the majority of the top claims are mostly positioning and informative to the consumer, it is important to understand that consumers are looking for efficacy in scalp care products because the number one concern is the price range at which scalp care products fall. Here are moisturizing ingredients with proven benefits to entice customers.

  • Ceramides IIIB reinforces the skins natural protective lipid layer and build a protective barrier, to prevent moisture loss from the skin.
  • Beracare BBA a Pracaxi oil complex, rich in behenic acid that naturally conditions, and increases combability for both wet and dry hair aiding alleviating scalp sensitivity.

In order for a consumer to spend additional money on scalp care specific products, and for many adding to an already alarming rate of hair care products, it must work and fit within a budget. With the highest number of releases falling between $1 USD and $10 USD across North America, consumers tend to view this as budget items and not necessarily meeting their unique needs. Consumers are more willing however to purchase in this price range if they have never purchased before. Again, we can not stress the efficacy and tailored solution approach.

Brands can do a better job positioning for those consumers who wear braids, wigs, hair extensions, head coverings or have an exposed scalp, going beyond the basic dry scalp claims found on most treatment products today. Express ingredient benefits to alleviate tightness, tenderness, discomfort, oiliness, and acne. Consider formats that focus on ease of use, are fast acting and long lasting and either combination sets or multi-functional products. Incorporate ingredients to reduce sebum, limit irritation, eliminate odor, and provide sun protection. Such as these:

  • Scalp Shield Hair Tonic Formula
  • Agenaflo 9050 – absorbs excess moisture and sebum without whitening
  • Agenaflo TS Versatile ingredient that helps to absorb sebum and moisture and increase the spreadability of scalp ingredients for improved application.
  • Barley Natural – fine powder that aids in smooth hair feel, good volume development and reduces tackiness for improved aesthetics in hair and scalp combo products.


As we know the scalp is skin, garnering inspiration from what we see in the skin care market is only wise. Skin has set to focus on restorative and balancing qualities, many could say a surface detox, and the same applies for the scalp. Ingredients that focus on the balance of bacteria found on the scalp as well as those that deliver vitamins and minerals and soothe the stressed scalp help bring a combined sense of comfort and wellness. Currently scalp products are mainly launched within the category of hair products, they are found within the hair treatments category and focus more so on gentleness and free-from claims, there is room for a dry oil/serum or overnight/long-term treatments such as masks for skin and scalp. Consider incorporating Marine ingredients which have been making waves in the mask category. Or try this Thermal Protection Mask which contains black clay, and Beracare ADA to protect from thermal damage and reduce the visible signs of flaking over time while delivering softness and shine.

Starting the Day off with Stimulants for the Scalp!

There is nothing like some caffeine in the morning! Invigorate the mind and the senses by incorporating caffeine into your product, or trying warming or cooling ingredients specifically encapsulated ingredients to enhance the user experience.

Where dryness is an issue, pivot to in shower treatment for your concept and incorporate products that exfoliate.Ingredients that promote better circulation help to bring invigorating claims. Get in all the stimulation your customer needs for scalp, mind and morning.