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Lanxess is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals to the global market. They offer additives and specialty materials for flame-retardant applications, bonding agents and plasticizers.

Mesamoll® is a Phthalate-free monomeric plasticizer excellent compatibility with several type of polymers mainly PVC, polyurethanes, and rubber. Mesamoll offers a low dissolution temperature, good gelling behaviour, very efficient and good plasticizing as well as softening capacity and an exceptional saponification resistance. It is used in several applications including

  • Polyurethane based sealing and adhesive systems
  • Cleaning: Service fluids for polyurethane foaming machinery
  • Calendaring: Films for different types of applications (automotive, construction, electrical and military)
  • One-way PVC gloves manufactured by dip moulding process
  • Coatings (spreading) for structures and tents, protective clothing, rainwear and traffic paint

Beside Mesamoll, LANXESS offers a wide range of other monomeric and polymeric plasticizers (e.g. Adimoll®, Triacetin, Ultramoll®, Unimoll®, Uniplex (special plasticizers for polymer processing),

Flame Retardants Plasticizers and Additives

Lanxess offers one of the world’s most comprehensive flame-retardant portfolios, including phosphorus and bromine-based flame retardants, supported by a global network of sales and technical support. Their Flame Retardants are used to help inhibit the combustion process within different type of polymers.

Disflamoll®, Reofos®, Levagard® and Firemaster® are high performance flame retardants additives and plasticizers. Disflamoll®, Reofos® and Levagard® can be used in PU and PVC systems. These are used in the manufacture of flame-retardant articles – including insulation, cables, printed circuit boards, foils, tarpaulins, floor coverings, seat covers, and fire protection applications. These can also be used within car interiors (e.g. cushion seats, roof and side liners and rear decks).

Bonding Agents

Lanxess also offers a variety of phthalate free bonding agents used to improve the adhesion of a PVC layer to fibres like polyamide and polyesters.

These allow for a very high adhesive force and can improve the cost-benefit-effect in high-end applications

Truck Tarpaulin

Azelis Canada offers technical assistance and advice from our experts to get the most out of the best in raw materials. Our team is ready to help you with any formulation challenges as we continue our legacy of providing Innovation through Formulation.

Azelis Canada will continue to provide technical service and support for existing and potential customers in Canada with an interest in Lanxess product offerings.

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