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The truth is, there are some tasks around the home that we just prefer to put on the backburner and tackle them on another day. According to Business Wire, Americans spend approximately 6 hours per week on household cleaning with 52% dreading the task of cleaning the bathroom (hello back-burner task) compared to any other chore. Whether we like it or not, a good deep cleanse of the bathroom helps to remove harmful germs and bacteria.

As the threat level of the pandemic has shifted, disinfection remains top of mind for household cleaning. Moreover, with a recession possibly looming, budget-friendly germ-killing products that are effective and multifunctional are on the horizon.

The “KEYleaning” Components

Go low, to the floor

🏡 Spills, paws, or sweaty socks after a soccer game are just some of the things that make their way across the flooring. Like other surfaces, floors require extra love to prevent germs and mold accumulating and keep them looking their best. Between sweeping and mopping, floor cleaning can be a time-consuming process. With disinfection a top priority, consumers are increasingly interested in products that are sustainable, effective, multifunctional, and don’t break the bank. Moreover, Mintel reports that private brands are diving into these consumer demands to create sustainable cleaning products that are affordable especially during times when inflation rates are increasing, and job security is on the line.

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🏥 Like the home, restrooms in public buildings require some attention on the floors with disinfecting benefits. Vital Oxide states that 86% of participants in a recent study expect public restrooms to have a safer hygiene environment now than before the pandemic. With multiple people using public restrooms, foot traffic can bring in dirt, bacteria, and germs.

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Deodorize on time

🏡 🏥Regardless of location, restrooms can have many unpleasant odors. As bacteria and water droplets from sinks or toilets settles onto surfaces, odors that are not so nice to the nose are created. Along with frequent cleaning and disinfecting all restroom surfaces to eliminate odors, deodorizers are a great tool that dispense a burst of fragrance to mask unwanted odors. For restrooms in the home, the current  market has many odor masking products available such as hand-held sprays, toilet bowl fragrance clips, & timed fragrance dispensers. Similar to products for the home, public restrooms may also have automatic fragrance dispensers and air fresheners to the area odor-free.

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Fresh Scents with Essential Oils

Double trouble: sink and hand cleansing

🏡 🏥 One of the high touch surfaces in bathrooms are sink faucets/knobs. These surfaces are easily contaminated and can transfer germs onto the user’s hands. Regular disinfection of this area is important to prevent the spreading of bacteria, viruses, and germs. Let’s not forget the germs on the hands that use these sinks! There are various hand soaps available on the market today with the popular ones including liquid or foam. Liquid soaps are more common in household or public restroom settings. Foam soaps provide a lighter texture and are easier to rinse off. While the debate between these two soaps can go on & on, ultimately the winner is cost effective, easy to use by both the user and filler, and thoroughly cleanses the hands.

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Clean that porcelain

🏡 🏥 Porcelain sinks and toilets can wear over time as the glaze is prone to stains due to cleaning products and minerals in the water. It’s important to use non-abrasive cleaning products to ensure the coating does not get scratched and to prevent scuff marks. As a final step in cleaning porcelain fixtures, lemon oil can be applied to bring back the sheen and it also creates a protective barrier against stains. Lemon Terpenes, a lemon oil component and byproduct used in many cleaning formulations, provide aid in the cleaning processes. Orange Terpenes are also popular in these cleaning applications. When using terpenes, it is important to note that solubility can change. Therefore, folded types of lemon oils can be used in cleaning formulations for fragrance purposes only.

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