AgriFiber Fibers

Let’s go back to basics and discuss natural fibers derived from corn. Can replacing an ingredient with a fiber be the next solution for your product? It is if you want it to have a specific label claim or save on costs.

How can Fiber be a Solution?

It can replace ingredients to allow a food product to claim:

agrifiber fiber solutions

Fiber Options

Attribute AgriFiber MFC (Corn Bran Fiber) AgriFiber BFG (Soluble Corn Bran Fiber/Extract) AgriFiber Complete Blend (Corn Bran Fiber/Extract)
Appearance White to off white powder Brown powder Light brown powder
Taste Neutral Slightly sweet – very slight oat taste Slightly sweet – very slight oat taste
Odor Neutral Neutral Neutral
Allergen Info No allergy associations No allergy associations No allergy associations
GMO Status GMO and non-GMO options available GMO and non-GMO options available GMO and non-GMO options available
Structure Largely cellulose with some cellulosic hemicelluloses (arabinoxylan) Long-chain, complex arabinoxylan Cellulose & complex arabinoxylan
Functionality High water holding capacity up to 20X its weight in water. Highly versatile due to its high elasticity, binding, and lower viscosity Customizable

Corn – Your Next Ingredient… In almost anything.

Did you know the fiber from corn can easily replace up to 50% fat in ice cream without jeopardizing the creamy mouthfeel? It can also be used as a low-calorie alternative thickener for use in sauces, dips and dressing. Making a sausage or other compounded meat? Try it out as a cost saving alternative to modified starch or soy protein isolate! And the list goes on:

Recommended Applications for AgriFiber MFC

  • Sausage: Clean Label
    • Clean label and cost saving alternative to modified starch or soy protein isolate in sausage and other compounded meats.
  • Ice Cream: Fat Reduction
    • Can replace up to 50% fat in ice cream applications without jeopardizing the creamy mouthfeel.
    • Alternative thickener to guar gum, xanthan gum, locus bean gum, and modified starch.
    • Can prevent the formation of ice crystals, enhance freeze/thaw stability, and reduce thawing rate.
  • Dressing: Calorie Reduction
    • Clean label and low-calorie alternative thickener for use in sauces, dips, and dressing.
    • Can be used to:
      • Add viscosity
      • Improve the nutritional profile
      • Reduce cost by holding water
      • Improve mouthfeel
      • Stabilize emulsions

Recommended Applications for AgriFiber BFG

  • Granola Bar: Clean Label Binder
    • Alternative binder in bakery and snack applications to control moisture, improve texture, and enhance the product’s nutritional and health profile.
    • Consumer tested – top box for purchase intent.
  • Confectionary: Clean Label
    • Replace soy lecithin in confectionaries such as chocolate bars and sauces.
    • Prevent ‘blooms’ of sugar and fat by acting as an emulsifying agent to decrease interfacial tensions.
    • Health Relevance: Emulsifiers are linked to ↓ gut barrier function and ↑ inflammation; gut microbes convert lecithin into TMAO, which is linked to heart diseases and diabetes; and soy is a common food allergen.

Recommended Applications for AgriFiber Complete Blend

  • Plant-Based Burger: Clean Label
    • Our blend of MFC [insoluble fiber] & BFG [soluble fiber] provides a complete source of fiber, with both product and health benefits.
    • It can be used as an alternative clean label binder in select plant-based applications for improved texture and moisture control.

Why Choose Azelis and AgriFiber?

We can provide sustainability by improving efficiency and reduce waste with the fibers sourced from agricultural residuals (oat hull & corn bran). By providing naturally sourced, clean label solutions that can increase the fiber in your product, you are in turn providing improved health and wellness to your customers. Most importantly, we can partner with you to customize ingredients to meet your needs and provide capacity to scale as needed.

Isn’t it funny how going back to basics can provide amazing possibilities? Let’s take the journey together. Contact us today.