Fontana Flavors’ 2020 Flavor Trends Line

Fontana Flavors’ 2020 Flavor Trends Line tells the story of our ever-changing culinary and health habits. This year’s flavor trends are reflective of the global, adventurous, health, and experiential demands of consumers. Travel to West Africa, Korea, and Thailand with our Pili Pili, Black Garlic, and Makrut Lime Leaf flavors. Explore the tropics with our Coconut Milk flavor. Make vegan choices with our Breakfast Pork Sausage Type and Butter Type flavors. Experience the explosion of flavor and texture in the humble Chinese condiment Spicy Chili Crisp. From mild to fiery spice, simple to complex, vegan to authentic, Fontana Flavors’ 2020 Flavor Trends Line highlights today’s popular choices in our revolving cuisine.

Fontana Flavors Butter

Natural Vegan Butter Type Flavor

Fat is back and this vegan flavor delivers all the sweet, creamy, full flavor of butter without any dairy. With this flavor you can follow a plant-based diet without sacrificing the indulgent taste and texture of real butter.

Item# D4618L

Fontana Flavors Garlic

Natural Black Garlic Flavor

Originating in Korea, this aged, fermented, and slowly heated garlic is black in color with a jelly-like texture. Its delicate sweet flavor is described as having molasses, licorice, balsamic, and tamarind notes.

Item# VGG6119D

Fontana Flavors Pili Pili

Natural Pili Pili Flavor

Pili Pili is a simple West African fiery hot sauce. This all-purpose condiment, made from hot red chili peppers, garlic, onion, lemon juice, and fried oil, is a staple in every household.

Item# VGP1497D

Fontana Flavors Sausage

Natural Breakfast Pork Sausage Type Flavor

This vegan pork breakfast sausage flavor delivers all the robust flavor and heartiness of the traditional breakfast meat but without any animal ingredients. Enjoy the pork and sage taste experience of the popular sausage in vegan fashion.

Item# P7224D1

Fontana Flavors Chili

Natural Spicy Chili Crisp Type Flavor

This newer Chinese chili oil condiment’s rapidly growing popularity has been attributed to its addictively delicious flavor and crispy crunchy texture. Its spicy, savory, sweet, salty, umami rich flavor of fried shallots, onion, garlic, soybeans and chili flakes makes it a very versatile accompaniment.

Item# VGP1469D

Fontana Flavors Coconut

Natural Coconut Milk Type Flavor

Gaining popularity for its health benefits, coconut milk is the opaque milky liquid strained from grated coconut meat soaked in boiling water. Its rich sweet coconut flavor makes it a prized ingredient in traditional Southeast Asian cuisine.

Item# M8455D

Fontana Flavors Lime

Natural Makrut Lime Leaf Type Flavor

Makrut lime leaves provide an intense, fresh, aromatic lime fragrance. Used heavily in Thai cuisine, these distinctly hour-glass shaped leaves add a beautiful lemongrass/lime flavor and tropical flair.

Item# M8920D