Food Trends 2020

Azelis Canada Food & Health delivers the 2020 Food Trends in a downloadable form here. Are you getting the most of of your ingredients? Azelis Canada offers value-added services including a leading edge development kitchen for product testing and prototype creations.

Plant-Based Foods

  • Milk alternatives: Proteins, Systems, Cultures, Probiotic, Hydrocolloids, Emulsifiers, Enzymes, Maskers, Colours & Flavours
  • Dairy alternatives: Proteins, Cultures, Colours, Hydrocolloids, Potato Starches & Flavours
  • Meat alternatives: Protein Isolates & Textures, Binders, Texturants, Fibers, Colours & Flavours
Azelis Food Trends

Meat Alternative users span a range of consumers:

  • Vegans: Abstains from eating animal product
  • Vegetarians: Abstains from eating meat & fish
  • Pescatarians: Abstains from eating meat
  • Flexitarians: A largely plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat & fish
  • Meat Reducer: Actively seeks to reduce meat consumption

Protein Rich Ingredients

High Protein:

  • Bone Broth & Stocks
  • Functional Meat Proteins
  • Bakery inclusions
  • Soy & Pea Nuggets
Protein Food Trends

Why is Protein so Popular?

The promise that Protein can help you lose weight, get stronger and avoid age-related muscle loss, has drawn the interest of consumers globally.

In contrast to many diets that are restrictive and involve reducing your intake of fats & sugars.

The attraction of protein has to do with the fact you feel fuller longer, lose weight & build muscle.

Clean Label Ingredients

  • Natural Antimicrobials & Antioxidants
  • Clean Label Potato Starch, Non-GMO
  • Various Fibers for Moisture Control
  • Natural Flavours (wet & dry available)
  • Natural Colours (wet & dry available)
Clean label ingredients - food trends

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