GRINDSTED Stabilization System for Ice Cream

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Menu of Ice Cream ideas using GRINDSTED SSD

Effects of GRINDSTED Stabilization System on Volume Loss

High Protein / Low Fat / Low Calorie Ice Cream

Product Formulation Challenge
Low Sugar Formulations Freezing Point Depression Factor
Clean Label Emulsification Issues
Lean on Solids Higher Freezing Points
High Protein Air Cell Stability / Processing Concerns

Most Significant Challenge in the Field


Perfect Storm of Conditions Promoting Air Cell Loss

  1. Low Fat Formulas
  2. High Protein Levels
  3. Clean Labels
  4. Lean Solids
  5. Freezing Point Depression Factors
  6. Standard Overrun
  7. Poor Product Handling

Higher Protein Ice Cream Subjected to Shipment Abuse and Major Thaw and Refreeze Cycle

Higher Protein Ice Cream Using Conventional Stabilization

Higher Protein Ice Cream Using GRINDSTED SSD 7075 IC

Higher Protein Ice Cream using GRINDSTED SSD 7075 IC

Photomicrographs of Melted Samples

With contrasted and polarized light the structuring network of GRINDSTED SSD 7075 IC is apparent.

Air cells are entrapped in the network of insoluble crystalline structure that helps add support and integrity to reduce the occurrence of coalescence.

The high yield stress rheology immobilizes the air cells and reduces the amount of volume loss as the products are abused during transport.

Light Microscope – 40X Magnification

Polarized Light – 40X

White Light – 40X

Effects of Complete Melting Macroscopic Determination of Air Cell Stability

Higher Protein Ice Cream using GRINDSTED SSD 7075 IC


  • Ice Cream is a delicate balance of multiple physical states (solid, liquid, and gas)
  • Consumer demand for healthier food choices can create challenges for manufacturers
  • Traditional stabilizer solutions often fail to provide adequate protection against shrinkage
  • In such cases, GRINDSTED stabilization systems offer a number of advantages
    • Enhances freezing performance
    • Improved air cell stability
    • Added stiffness

Are you exploring better-for-you ice cream opportunities? To deliver a high quality, high protein, low fat, low sugar dairy ice cream, while adhering to cleaner label demands, manufacturers can encounter challenges with stability and volume loss during shelf-life.

GRINDSTED SSD stabilizer system improves solubility, delivers added nutrition, and contributes to sweetness and freezing.

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