High Quality Malts

It’s Time to Try Muntons Malt in Your Next Bread Recipe

Muntons Malt is a high-quality British Malt that has been used across the globe since 1921. They offer particulates, malt flours, and extracts that can reduce bake time, enhance flavour and colour, and add the texture todays consumers are looking for. As the bread industry continues to grow in Canada, we must grow with it by providing the clean label products our customers are demanding.

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Azelis Canada can help guide you through all the malt options to meet the bakery needs you are striving for.


Malted Flakes

Grains are carefully malted, before being steamed, rolled and toasted. Wheat and rye malt flakes are available. The final texture and flavour can be refined by adjusting the flake thickness, and the degree of toasting. An organic option is also available

Traditionally used as bread inclusions, flakes offer wholegrain contribution, a toasted malt flavour and crunchy texture (chewy within the dough).  

Cut Grains (Nuttimalt)

Malted cut grains are a great alternative to flakes where smaller particulates are required. Their smaller size allows for greater dispersal through the product. Similarly, they also add wholegrain goodness with a nutty, toasted flavour. 

malted flakes

Diastatic Malt Flours

Enzyme Active Malt Flour

Enzyme active flours offer improved rise, softer texture and crust colour development

Enzyme active malt flours are processed carefully to preserve the natural enzymes synthesized through the malting process.

Rich in amylase, the ingredients are included at a low level (typically <1%) to breakdown starch in the dough throughout proving and conditioning. This ‘feeds’ the yeast for improved fermentation.

The result? More volume, better texture and a shorter bake time.

enzyme active malt flours

Crystal Malt Flour

Crystal malts offer a palate of warm brown/red colours, and sweet, cereal and biscuit flavours

Crystal malts have been processed to maximize the conversion of sugars within the grain, before being kilned to crystallize and caramelize the natural sugars created. 

In a flour format, application usage is versatile. Perfect for adding colour naturally, introducing flavour, adding wholegrain, and helping to lift other flavours. 

crystal malt flour

Roasted Malt Flours

Roasted malts offer an intense dark colour, and rich smoky, roasted flavours

Roasted malts have been processed in a way not to dissimilar from coffee beans: Roasted under intense temperatures to almost “burn” and over cook the natural sugars created at the beginning of the process.  

In a flour format, application usage is versatile.  Perfect for premiumising cocoa into darker notes, enhancing colour profiles or giving a richer colour and flavour to rye bread. 

Malt Extracts

Liquid and Dried Malt Extracts

After malting, grains are ‘mashed’ to extract sugars and soluble proteins from the grain. After filtration, the resulting ‘wort’ is evaporated under vacuum to retain the sweet, malty flavour and aroma.

The combination of sugars and digested proteins promote Maillard browning, offering the opportunity of reduced bake time. The naturally occurring glutamates present enhance a variety of sweet and savoury flavours.

The textural aspects of baked goods are also enhanced, with humectancy improving cake texture throughout shelf life, and the sugars profile resulting in an improved snap to biscuits.

Dried versions of our malt extracts are also available. These are fully soluble, and ideal for low moisture applications, such as biscuit creams and chocolate confectionery and have a range of flavour profiles

liquid and dried malt extracts

A Nutritionally Good Choice

If you are ready to up the quality of your next bread, reach out to Azelis Canada today to help you choose the best Muntons Malt product. Whether you are looking to improve texture, enhance or mask flavour, add colour, or any of the other benefits, we will help guide you in the selection process. Let’s bake up something great together!

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