TasteTech Products for Bakery

Azelis Canada distributes TasteTech’s full bakery line of products that include encapsulated ingredients and bake stable flavourings. Get a competitive edge in a highly challenging market by choosing on of the TasteTech solutions below!

Encapsulated Raising Agents
Advanced Leavening Solutions

Giving your baked goods a perfect rise at the right time is one of the secrets of bakery success. Our specialists can help you optimize the use of leavening agents to allow for more flexibility in production.

Benefits of TasteTech Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate

  • Delays the reaction of bicarbonate to enable mass production of batter mixes
  • Improves freeze/thaw stability for easier transport
  • Consistent performance ensures customer satisfaction
  • Release to suit your process

Perfect for:

Dry Mixes



Pizza Bases



Bakery food acids
Enhancing shelf life, maintaining volume

TasteTech encapsulated food acids can achieve spectacular results in bakery products. The encapsulation technology prevents negative reactions that interfere with the leavening process of baked goods, improving volume and structure whilst maintaining texture. By delaying the action or taste of the acid until it is programmed to be released, flavours can be considerably enhanced or prolonged.

Why choose Encapsulated malic or citric acid?

  • Controls pH and supports shelf life
  • Maximizes volume
  • Ensures optimum texture and structure of the finished product
  • Enhances fruit flavours

Perfect for:



Batter mixes


Mould-Free Bread for up to 30 Days

sorbicplus is TasteTech’s flagship preservative. This unique encapsulated sorbic acid keeps bread mould-free for up to 30 days whilst also significantly reducing yeast levels.

The plus in sorbicplus

  • Keeps bread mould-free for up to 30 days
  • Blends easily with dry ingredients
  • Improves yeast activity
  • Reduces yeast levels by up to 40%
  • Enhanced performance when used in conjunction with calcium propionate
  • Resistant to high-speed mixing
  • Reduces product returns and bread waste
  • Optimises yeast fermentation

Perfect for:

Slided bread



Chilled Dough


Bake stable flavourings for tastier baked products

TasteTech has a team of flavourists that can create any taste, whether sweet or savouring. They have an enticing range of natural or non-natural flavourings to suit your product, process and end market.

Great reasons to use TasteTech Flavourings include:

  • Cost in use benefits
  • Bake stable
  • High concentrations
  • Wide range suitable for any application
  • Natural, halal and kosher available
  • Enhancing core ingredients
  • Available in various formats including encapsulated, spray dry and liquid

Flavour Range:





Sweet maple

Peanut (Nut free)

Almond (Nut free)

Hazelnut (Nut free)

Golden syrup

Chocolate (Milk, Dark, White)

Golden honey

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