Vegan Vitamin D3

Vegan Vitamin D3 – Not Just for Vegans Anymore!

There are about 1 billion people in the world that have a Vitamin D deficiency, according to The National Center for Biotechnology Information. With the increase in plant-based diets and sunscreen usage – and now more-so, the talk about Vitamin D possibly lowering the risk of contracting COVID-19 – there are many reasons to produce a quality Vitamin D product.

Why Choose Vegan Vitamin D3?

When it comes to Vitamin D2 vs. D3 – and choosing Vegan vs. Non-Vegan – the ruling is in. Vitamin D3 is more easily converted by the liver and kidneys into the bioactive form of Vitamin D that the body needs, making it more desirable. The vegan version is derived from a special organic plant source called Lichen. This small unique plant species has the ability to grow and accumulate nutrients, including Vitamin D3, making it more pure than the non-vegan version!

vegan vitamin d3

Options – You’ve Got Options!

Vegan Vitamin D3 is available in an oil and powder form and can be utilized in many fashions. Incorporate this product into your next spray, tablet, capsule, gummy, and more! Work with Azelis Canada and we will help you create something great.