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“Maskne”: The irritation and acne caused by the friction and continuous wear of a face covering, such as a Mask. This single word has become a condition of the pandemic, and a breakout search term on Google since the beginning of May. No pun intended.

People everywhere are looking for ways to not only treat, but also prevent the effects of Maskne. This is evident as videos on YouTube have been uploaded and viewed at alarming rates; the most-watched single video has over 138,000 views.

Start With Restoring Skin to a Healthy State

Beracare AAA – Copaifera Officinalis (Balsam) Resin (and) Carapa Guaianensis Seed Oil (and) Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Oil

A mixture of copaiba, andiroba, and acai oils that combat bacterial growth and promotes the balance of sebum production without drying the skin. Take a look at this Facial Cleansing Serum to reduce of inflammation and balance sebum production without drying the skin!

WS SA 50Salicylic Acid & Sodium Polyacrylate

A water-soluble form of salicylic acid allowing you to build improved formulations free from alcohol, discoloration, and recrystallization. Speed up the natural process of skin turnover, coupled with anti-inflammatory properties to clear pores and unwanted breakouts. Clearing up breakouts that has already happening is easy with this Soothing Alcohol-Free Gel formulation!

The winter wreaks havoc on the lips, and wearing chapstick under a mask is a whole new kind of nuisance. Keep the lips hydrated and free-from cracking with this Rejuvenating Lip Mask! Featuring Aquapront® to lock in moisture and Ceramide IIIB to restore the delicate skin of the lips, this is one formula to smile about with, or without a mask.

Protection and Prevention is All in a Day’s Work

This impact has caused an influx to dermatologists’ inboxes. The American Academy of Dermatology has addressed skin problems caused by wearing a mask, even down to the irritation that happens behind the ears. Help consumers avoid painful discomfort with ingredients that protect the skin.

VersaFace Anti-Chafe Stick is a solid gel base that delivers vitamins and moisture, while strengthening the skin’s protective barrier to prevent moisture loss. This formulation glides on easily and helps heal and protect skin. This formulation features Versastique Low Melt ME 5T, for easy formulation of clear stick application with a low melting point.

Sebum Control Fluid, for regulation of sebum production and a mattifying effect and the Balancing Boost, for on the spot treatment and when your skin is out of balance, this boost knocks out stressed skin & blemishes while improving the skin’s natural barrier. Both feature Herbapurifine®, a natural active complex combining the power of several natural herbs targeting blemished and impure skin.

Repair & Renew Facial Serum is a nourishing serum that improves skins moisture barrier and protecting the skin and increasing elasticity. With the inclusion of Ethience® Protect rehydrates the skin both in the short term and long term, counteracting the barrier damage caused by mask friction.

Keeping a Mask Clean helps Keep the Face (and also Environment) Clean

This Natural Wash Lotion for Face Masks is a sustainable and extra mild cleaning formulation that is suitable as a spray application for travel-friendly format. The specialty ingredients in the formulation boost the cleaning performance of the formulation and provide excellent foaming properties.

This Mild Wash Gel for Face Masks is gentle to sensitive skin and textiles. The specialty ingredients in the formulation boost the cleaning performance of the formulation and provide excellent foaming properties.

Regular washing of textile masks can reduce the consumption of single-use masks and therefore, contributes to waste reduction. See the impact single-use masks has on the environment.