Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)|NF|Ph Eur (EP)

  • Synpro® Stearates


    Pharmaceutical lubricants added to tablet and capsule formulations in a very small quantity can improve the powder processing properties of formulations, specifically they decrease friction at the interface between a tablet’s surface and the die wall during ejection so that the wear on punches and dies are reduced, and prevent sticking of tablets to punch faces as well as sticking of capsules to dosators and tamping pins

    In terms of powder flow, lubricants improve the flowability of blends and aid unit operations. Poor flow can cause insufficient mixing of the blends(content uniformity) and rat holing in the hopper of a tablet press (segregation issue), impacting both product quality and operation. One instance is the blending of small particle APIs with other excipients, the adhesion force between particles can significantly reduce the powder flowability by increasing inter particle friction. To overcome these issues, lubricants are added (glidants) to enhance powder flow by reducing the inter particle friction.

    At a use level of just 0.25% to 5%, your processing and quality can be improved substantially!

    Choose betweenNSF-listed Calcium Stearate which is a preferred mold release agent and Magnesium Stearate a physiologically safer flow agent, both derived from renewable feedstocks and produced at a US GMP certified facility, are NF/USP compliant and meet excipient standards in Europe, Japan, and India.

    Product Application: DC Tablet,Direct tableting,Mini Tablet,Tablet
    Product Certification: Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)|NF|Ph Eur (EP),NF,USP
    Pharmaceutical Category: Self Lubricating Excipient


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