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Product Applications: Dry Shampoo, Hair Care, Hair Cleansing

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Product Information

Advantage™ Revive polymer brings a much-needed refresh to the dry shampoo category. Based on a unique PVP chemistry, Advantage Revive delivers superior cleaning, improved sebum removal, and less visible residue while leaving hair visibly cleaner, more manageable and lustrous. Advantage Revive maintains a level of shine and colour that is nearly at parity to freshly washed hair, where starch-based formulas mute the vibrancy of hair and reduce its overall level of shine and colour by 80%.

Advantage Revive polymer is formulation flexible, up to 50% lower than that of usual dosage levels and can be used in a variety of formats such as alcoholic and hydroalcoholic aerosol sprays, mousses, pastes and powders.

Key Benefits

  • Effective removal of sebum at the root for visibly cleaner hair with less residue
  • Maintains the level of colour, shine and manageability of freshly washed hair
  • Can help improve the sustainability footprint of dry shampoos by delivering improved performance at lower use levels

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Dry Shampoo formulas using Active Revive Polymer from Ashland


Do you Dry-Shampoo? The global dry shampoo market is winning from many positive factors. With a thriving working-class community, globally, consumers are looking for hair products suitable for their hectic lifestyles. On-the-go beauty is a trending area that is growing by leaps and bounds.  Dry-shampoos additionally align with the eco-consumer and waterless cleansing movement.

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Dry Shampoo - Departing the Norm - Advantage Revive Polymer



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