INCI: Corn Starch Modified

Product Applications: AP/DEO, Beauty Care, Body Care, Color Cosmetics, Dry Shampoo, Ethnic Hair Care, Ethnic Skin Care, Eye Care, Eye Shadows, Face Care, Face Powders, Foundations, Men's Care, Natural Cosmetics, Primers, Skin Cleansing, Sun Care

Green Criteria: From renewable resources

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AGENAFLO 9050 is a lipophilic, hydrophobically modified, waxy corn starch that is an aluminum-free alternative to ”aluminum starch octenylsuccinate”. Common uses include lotions, creams, sunscreens, deodorants, and mineral cosmetics. AGENAFLO 9050 absorbs excess moisture and sebum without whitening. It reduces tackiness and greasiness while giving skin a velvety appearance.

  • Reduces tackiness and greasiness.
  • Achieves easy glide, pleasant skin feels and velvety appearance.
  • Absorbs excess moisture and sebum without whitening.
  • Softening / texturing agent
  • Stabilised emulsions

Woman in Corn field - AGENAFLO 9050

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Do you Dry-Shampoo? The global dry shampoo market is winning from many positive factors. With a thriving working-class community, globally, consumers are looking for hair products suitable for their hectic lifestyles. On-the-go beauty is a trending area that is growing by leaps and bounds.  Dry-shampoos additionally align with the eco-consumer and the waterless cleansing movement.

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Dry Shampoo - Departing the Norm - AGENAFLO 9050

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Corn Starch Modified

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