Lipex L’sens


INCI: Soybean Glycerides (and) Butyrospermum Parkii Unsaponifiables

Product Applications: Beauty Care, Body Care, Face Care, Hair Care, Hair Conditioning, Hair Treatment, Lip Care

Green Criteria: Sustainable

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Product Information

Lipex L’sens™ is a highly polar, semi-solid, shea-based oleogel for improving moisturizing, conditioning and light-reflecting benefits in skin, hair and lip care formulations.  Derived from a unique combination of soybean glycerides and shea butter unsaponifiables, Lipex L’sens shows high substantivity to both hair and skin. Its properties in regard to touch, structure, gloss, film-forming and water-absorbing capacities make it an excellent vegan-based alternative to lanolin. Lipex L’sens combines well with other vegetable based emollients and emulsifiers as well as with most synthetic and mineral oil based materials used in cosmetics. It also has good compatibility with waxes typically used in lipstick formulations.

Features & Benefits

  • Skin Care:
    • Film-forming properties improve moisturization and deliver a silky-soft after feel to the skin.
    • When used as a component of the emollient phase in body care Lipex L’sens has been shown to improve skin barrier properties and significantly reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).
    • High polarity controls texture in emulsion formulations, increasing spreadability and enhancing sensory benefits.
    • Suitable for use in o/w and w/o formulations when combined with suitable emulsifiers.
    • Typical use concentrations: 1–3% for lotions and creams, 1–6% for body butters


  • Hair Care:
    • High spreadability combined with good adhesion
    • Outperforms placebo and synthetic benchmarks in reducing wet combing force.
    • High polarity controls texture in emulsion formulations to deliver a rich, creamy appearance and enhanced aesthetics.
    • Typical use concentrations: 0.5–1% for rinse-off conditioners, 1–2% for leave-in conditioners, 1–5% for styling products

Lipex L’sens would be an excellent addition to a shampoo bar.  Learn more with our feature here:

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  • Lip Care:
    • Film-forming properties improve softening and moisturizing benefits
    • Polar character ensures uniform pigment dispersion
    • High refractive index contributes to a gloss effect on the lips
    • High viscosity ensures long-term adhesion of the formulation to the lips
    • Typical use concentrations: 1–10% for lip balms, 1–5% for lipsticks


  • Appearance: Yellow-colored paste
  • Solid fat content at 35°C: 1%
  • Unsaponifiable content: 5–8%
  • Slip melting point: 36°C
  • Oxidative stability index (110°C): >100 hours
  • Refractive index (at 60°C): 1.458

Soybean Glycerides (and) Butyrospermum Parkii Unsaponifiables

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