Ethical practices are among the top concerns for today’s beauty consumers. Show your support through:

Socioeconomic Partnerships

Just as in depleting the resources of the earth as a whole, we have come to realize that when we remove these ingredients from communities, we not only deplete the resources but often the economic opportunities of these impoverished regions as well. For instance, millions make a living off the cultivation of palm products across the globe, when corporations neglect to understand the impact of commandeering crops, local farmers become displaced with no work, resources or other viable skills.

Making sure that there is fair pay for fair work is part of a sustainability story. Working with the local people who pick and process the crops in responsible manners is important to those we work with such as Beraca and all the products derived from Brazil they produce

Every bit of working with a company that strives to maintain local communities infrastructures and habitats shows the heart and attention you pay to the impact your product has for the customer and beyond.

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