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With the population of Canada increasing and diversifying at a rapid pace, Statistics Canada reports that 22.3% of the population were designated as belonging to one or more visible minority groups. This percentage is expected to rise to between 31.2% – 35.9% by 2036.

Although this market is full of opportunities, given that People of Color spend $1.1 bn on cosmetics each year, it is not without challenges. For instance, there is a lot of skepticism that a product is true to its claims, and for this reason consumers are looking to friends, reviews and influencers for honest opinions and insight. They do their research and especially at a time when many companies could be accused of cause-washing, known as hopping on the good-cause bandwagon, hoping to appear differentiated or caring, and instead come across as ingenuine.

Think of these challenges while formulating and communicate how your product addresses such:

  • Coverage – Lacking Full & True Color
  • Reducing graying ashen Look
  • Lack of product and application education
  • DIY: customizing for ideal colors by layering, or blending products together themselves

Let’s take into account the varied depth in reported skin color among a singular subset of people, hispanics, this graph shows a white range from lightest to darkest. And there are many factors to add in order to create a perfect match selection.

Don’t be Tone Deaf

Primary and secondary colors play a big part in how natural skin color looks.

When identifying the wrong undertone, therefore the wrong complimentary colors, application can make skin look gray or ashy.

The Nuance of Tones vs Undertones

Skin tone = depth of skin; like a scale from lightest to deepest.

Undertone = base of skin; the subtle tint that brings more dimension to the surface and richness.



Mix of Green, Red and Yellow Undertones


Pink & Blue Undertones


Yellow & Green Undertones


Yellow & Golden Undertones

Match the undertone to the below shade examples by incorporating Yellow, GoldGreen, Red, RoseDark Red or Purple clays into the mix.

Take Shade Matching a step further with Skin care and this Stick Mask with Beraclay Red combines the growing worldwide trend of solid cosmetics with clay benefits that, in addition to promoting a detox effect, prevents the formation of wrinkles and restores skin barrier integrity.

And Now You’ve Met Your Match

An Easy to Incorporate Solution

DeeperCaps is a pre-mixed encapsulated pigment technology available in various true-to-tone shades for full coverage and ease in formulating. Learn how inclusivity can be easier than you imagined.

Discover the Natural Colors of Berashades

For a more customized approach, Berashades are ready-to-use active ingredients that are 100% natural alternatives to synthetic pigments. These natural colours provide the perfect match to all skin’s natural shades for mineral makeup formulations. The perfect match to all skin’s natural shades for your mineral make-up formulations.

Shade #BB995C: 33% Ivory, 22% Beige, 11% Bronze, 22% Caramel, 11% Ebony

Shade #B0894B: 13% Ivory, 25% Beige, 25% Bronze, 25% Caramel, 13% Ebony

Shade #9F7338: 17% Beige, 33% Bronze, 33% Caramel, 17% Ebony

Shade #895B24: 25% Bronze, 50% Caramel, 25% Ebony

Connect with us today to get help on developing more shades.

Shade #744C15: 33% Ebony & 67% Caramel

Shade #5B3916: 100% of Ebony

Bring Function to Coverage

Skin with varied levels of Melanin have other unmet needs when it comes to cosmetics. Understand the structure of the skin and the benefits customers are seeking and you are literally becoming their perfect match! Here are some tips to consider:

The more melanin present, the lower ceramide levels. Consider adding Ceramides (Ceramide III or Ceramide II EP MB) to your formula to help skin restore its natural defenses and support comfort to skins surface.

The richer the melanin of the skin, the more effects such; as dry skin and keratosis pilaris are visible. Consider using ingredients that effectively exfoliate without aggravating, such as the TEGO® Renewha Mandelic, and actives for long-term moisturization such as Hyacare Tremella or TEGO Natural Amaranth

The increased melanin and corresponding reduced usage of SPF amongst many with the richest skin tones result in hyperpigmentation and uneven tones. To add to this, melanin production declines as one ages, allowing for age spots to appear. Help combat these effects by incorporating  TEGO Sterol 7-DHC and TEGO Natural Amaranth and Sun Care Ingredients

Scar tissue, wound healing and keloid development differ for those with higher pigmentation, for this mask on the skin can become more evident, leading for the desire to cover up. In addition to one properly preparing and protection the skin, give them a little help by including TEGO Pep 3-Recover.

Sun Protection is Always Necessary, Education Just as Much

Sun, Mind The Gap Please

What is the Sun Gap? The Fitzpatrick scale, as discussed in our Charting Shade Offerings That Match All Skin Tones post, is also used to determine the response time to exposure to the sun, [...]