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SPI Pharma, a leading supplier of solutions to pharmaceutical formulation marketers is pleased to announce a new, exclusive agreement with Azelis Americas, a leading innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry. In the agreement, Marcor, an Azelis Americas company will distribute the SPI Pharma product lines in the United States, and Azelis Canada Pharma Division will be responsible for the Canadian marketplace.

Highlights & rationale
•      This new partnership extends the organoleptic excipients in Azelis’ range, complementing the existing starchs, sugars and flavors
•       This alliance also expands Azelis’ antacid actives for pharmaceuticals and highly bioavailable metal salts for the nutraceuticals market
•       This new distribution agreement furthers Azelis’ strategy of organic growth with leading partners

SPI Pharma delivers a wide range of solutions to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets from excipients and antacid actives to formulation development and services. SPI Pharma’s product line fits well into the strategy of Azelis Americas, to offer technical excipients with synergies that complement one another. This agreement covers product lines including mannitol, fructose, maltose, antacid actives, metal salts, surface modified sodium bicarbonate, ODT drug delivery systems and vaccine adjuvants. The additional products from SPI Pharma, in combination with existing flavors and sweeteners in Azelis’ portfolio, allow for new formulations, chewable tablets, nutraceutical tablets, and more.

Scott Thomson, CEO of SPI Pharma, says:
“We are excited to partner with Azelis Americas in the US and Canada. Azelis Americas and SPI Pharma have a like-minded approach to providing innovative solutions to the market, as well as a very complementary product range. The Azelis network of application labs and their formulation expertise will add depth to SPI Pharma’s ability to deliver on our goal of solving formulation challenges for our customers. With the Azelis Americas team of sales, service and technical experts behind us, we look forward to the great results they will bring in the US and Canada.”

Frank Bergonzi, CEO and President of Azelis Americas, adds:
“Our latest partnership with SPI Pharma expands Azelis Americas’ ability to serve customers in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. SPI Pharma is a leader in providing pharmaceutical solutions.  With the new excipient product lines available from SPI Pharma in combination with our existing products, our customers will now have access to the broadest range of specialty ingredients in the market. Add the expertise of our leading application labs and ‘innovation through formulation’ becomes a tangible result for all of Azelis’ and SPI Pharma’s customers, as well as the broader marketplace.”